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Hey guys! I've finally gotten started on something I've been wanting to do for a while now and it feels great! Here's a little something I whipped up for you while you all wait for the glory to come.

As you all know, I've finished my Top 10 Favorite Anime list with my number one being the grand epic that is One Piece but obviously, since it's a Top 10, I can't include all the anime I like now can I? So here's a list of anime that didn't make the list for one reason or another but are still excellent or otherwise just really, really good.

Space Dandy

Never before have I seen something so off-the-wall enjoyable and weird that didn't try it's hardest to not only be the best at whatever it does but not give a fuck about what others have to say about it along the way. Space Dandy is about a guy named Space Dandy. He's a dandy guy... in space. His friends are a robot/vaccum cleaner named QT and a Beetlejuician (or Cat alien) named Meow. They're alien hunters who come the galaxy looking for aliens to pawn off for money. Also, they're being chased by this monkey doctor guy named Dr. Gel who works for a skeleton dude in a cape. Why they have such a desire to track down Dandy. I have no idea. But it's funny seeing how they never once succeed at even speaking with him, let alone trapping and defeating him. The show is beyond random and literally anything can happen. Sometimes the episodes end with reality being re-written and sometimes they end with every dead and zombified. Who cares though, baby? That's how Dandy rolls. He's into boobies, hot-chicks, booty, and living the babealicious Dandy way, baby. Give him a watch will ya?

Black Lagoon

Don't expect this show to pull any punches. It's all about the underworld of crime. Rock was an ordinary guy who worked for a business corporation that ended up with some dirty dealings with a few brokers. Long story short, he quit his old job when his boss pretty much betrayed him and reasoned that his life was worthless compared to the stacks of money he had up for grabs. Rock joins Revy, Dutch, and Benny on their crusades. They work for money and the team has no qualms at all with killing people in their path. It's pretty brutal and extremely fun and action packed besides. The characters and the people they're fighting often speak like their in the hallway at school to each other while in the middle of their bloody shoot-outs. Cars explode, people get hacked to pieces in freezers with chain-saws, even children, when succumb with the harsh realities of the world, end up going insane and killing people. Don't expect them to come out of it all happy and saved in the end either. This is as real as it gets. Though, it still manages to not have an overall tone of depression to it. It's really rooted in a lot of hyped action-y B-Movie nonsense that gets your blood boiling and makes you amped for a really good time. Bang.

Gurren Lagann

If there were ever a better excuse to go out and watch an anime full of mechs and really sharp looking glasses and junk... oh man does this ever fit the bill. I watched this on a whim and boy did I ever get the experience of my life. Thinking it over, it feels like this should have been on the list. 10 is such a small number. Dammit. Either way, Simon is a kid who lives under the surface with his friend Kamina. Simon's got nothing but a tiny drill in his hands and high hopes for the future. That's all he really needed to one day travel to the surface though... that and they kind of got invaded by a surface dwelling robot out for their heads but that's aside from the point. The resistance against the awful BEAST MEN gets underway in the most action-packed, over-the-top experience this side of the galaxy. Seriously, like, galaxies get thrown like freaking frisbees in this anime. For real. Of course I wouldn't leave this out. Just who the hell do you think I am huh?!

Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, and Digimon Frontier

Growing up I was a huge fan of Digimon Adventure 02. I watched it in the morning whenever I could catch it and it made for great fun playing it like we were live-action when I was in elementary school. That said, I was much, much more into the Pokemon anime to the point of obsession. I had Pokemon toys, sheets, stickers, movies, cards, and pretty much everything related to the anime except, ironically, the games. Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Stadium 2 were the only games I had for the series. As an adult though, I tracked down and watched all these seasons of Digimon and I can say without a doubt that I was missing out on some really epic, and shockingly mature stuff. Obviously, somethings get lost in translation when dubbing it for kids. Death sometimes gets glanced over and all that. Though it IS interesting that one of the characters in the English version was about to suggest they play Strip Poker. These kids and their adventures were more high octane and a lot more scrambled and awesome to watch unfold. Development and age actually affected them all which already puts it miles beyond what's become of dear old Ash Ketchum. Tamers was a pleasant surprise in how differently structured it was from the rest of them, with the heavy emotion seemingly lost on a lot of people as it were. Not to mention how the enemy was designed to be something neither Digimon nor Human. Frontier I remember having a ton of fun with character wise. Seeing them transform into the Digimon was a nice twist that helped keep things fresh without ruining anything. The first one is probably the most revered and remembered though. I can understand why. That scene where they were all in their underwear was hilarious. Also, there's that whole high stakes thing and Myotismon and what not. Really good stuff. I heard the one after that was bad though. Haven't seen it so I can't judge.

Attack on Titan

This is mostly going up here simply because of all the hype it gets and how I have no problem recognizing it as a good show. Currently, on Toonami, it does feel like the pacing is slowing down a bit too much for me and the yelling and screaming the characters do tend to make things seem a lot more ridiculous then serious. Same goes for the drama. I can understand why it'd be hard for someone to take this serious. However, I also completely understand how it'd be easy as well. The first episode was instantly captivating and instilled that sense of hopelessness and despair in me like nothing before. It's truly hard to take in and as it goes on you just gotta imagine how the simple act of living is hell for these people. I couldn't stomach being there. I'd be dead most likely. I lose my cool over the prospect of upsetting a few people online. A titan would destroy my ass quick. Check it out as it may be worth a decent shot.

Sonic X

I hear a lot of times in the circle of Sonic fans that I converse with that this show leaves a lot to be desired. I can see that. Very easily in fact. However, whenever I go back to watch it (preferably in the Japanese version) I can't help but feel differently. I really love this show and I appreciate it a lot more then I thought I would sitting here as an adult today. The final story arc with the Meterex was especially jarring watching it in its original form and seeing just how dark they went with it. Death is no stranger to this show and neither is heavy emotion. The music is fantastic; miles better then the crap the 4kids English version recycled from the other shows they dubbed. The jokes are a lot better in the sub too, if not a bit random. There was this scene in the final episode where Eggman just flat out turns to Rouge the Bat and for no reason just makes mention of the fact that she has really huge breasts. Then they cut to the ocean and when they cut back there's a huge slap mark on his face. It's certainly knows how to make everyone seem a lot more fun and dynamic then the other one. The disappointments with the animation at times are understandable as well as with some of the way the characters may get drawn. I swear that part tended to get really bad sometimes. I did like all the human characters from the first two seasons, except for one. The main one. For as fun as Ella, Tanaka, Mr. Stewart, Sam, Gerome, The President, Scarlet Garcia, Danny, Francis, Helen, and Chuck were it really doesn't help your case when the main kid you focus on is the most annoying and whiny of the bunch. Oh well. It outlasted how long it was even supposed to be around so I can't complain. It was only supposed to last 52 episodes but it got extended to 78 from popular demand. I think that's fantastic. I can't wait for Sonic Boom now though. It's been so long since I've seen a new Sonic show. 

Bobobo-bo bo-bobo

Oh God. If you've seen Space Dandy and that that was weird, have a little taste of this! This transcends weird. It goes beyond the concept of physical logical sense. Things happen for no reason and get forgotten about just as quickly. Where's Don Patch? Oh he's over there? But what happened to the Don Patch that was over there? Oh, he melted? That's cool, let's have a flashback about how sad it is that I couldn't enter a contest that dealt with sending in box-tops to win a huge supply of green jello. I actually do remember taking one of the joke sob-stories seriously when I was younger. I just thought it was so sad that Don Patch couldn't get anyone to buy his churros on Christmas Eve. He then went crazy and started to throw them around like bombs. There was also that time where they decided to invade the enemy camp on a dangerous rolling kart with Bobobo dressed as a school-girl and Don Patch dressed as a teacher, talking about hiring him (her?) for a job and then immediately firing her. When they crashed into the tower they were their normal selves again though. Literally anything can happen whenever they want it to happen and it doesn't ever have to connect to anything or make sense. Yet, despite that they still manage to somehow get away with telling a flowing narrative. There's this guy who's decreed that everyone must be bald. He's a Czar. Czar Lord Baldy Bald the 3rd. So Bobobo has to use his fist of the nose-hairs to destroy their bases as they travel all over. Also people may die in Lord Baldy Bald's pursuit of world conquest. Sure why not. If you want a fever-dream fun time try this out and tell me which insane asylum you ended up in afterward. I loved it.

Now and Then, Here and There

When anime gets real it often makes for a very depressing time ahead. This is a 13 episode long anime is about a boy named Shu who one day finds and protects a girl named Lala-Ru from dangerous mechanized snakes. He finds himself transported to a harsh new reality where an evil dictator is creating a sizable army for the sake of expansion of his rule, going around and recruiting children and training them to be soldiers for the sake of his evil desires. Lala-Ru holds a pendant that exists to provide the vast and struggling world with a much needed reservoir of water. The story ensues from there and doesn't pull any of it's punches. It doesn't matter if a kid character is well-established as part of the main cast or is as young as 6. Do not go into this thinking that he stands no chance at dying. Everyone in this story has a good chance of dying and the story is very harsh and cruel when it comes to drilling in that point. This is not a new reality to be taken lightly and the war ahead calls for probably just as harsh actions to counteract what's going on. You won't regret watching it if you'd like to have some realistic and beautiful anime commentary in your diet. You may be a bit bummed out by it though.

Ouran High School Host Club

Here's a shojo anime that guys can actually watch and not feel embarrassed about it in the slightest. Color me surprised and impressed. This series was a really huge shock for me as again it was just something I sat down and watched on a whim. I couldn't believe how real and captivating this was as well as how funny of a comedy it turned out to be. I enjoyed how self-aware everything was as well; what with all the boys being the really pretty types actually being pushed through as a genuine plot-point. They're all rich and oblivious to the goings on of commoners which doesn't help much as our main character, Haruhi, isn't rich and just came to the school because of strong academics. She's a girl but to pay off the debt she owed for breaking a priceless vase she has to join the club and be one of their Hosts. However, the way she was dressed and looked at the time made it hard to tell that she was actually a girl and not a boy. They all know that now but none of the people who visit the Host Club do so they have to keep her disguised as one. It does lead to some very funny moments. Also, for some reason, there's a power generator under the music room. I guess it's there specifically so Renge can show up out of the floor for no reason. Cool.


Ah Yu-Gi-Oh. I remember getting into this when I was young as well. It took me a while but hearing it being talked about by damn near everyone in the hallway was just too much. What happened next was golden. I became a nut for the series. I collected the cards and had my own fake-storyline to tell and duels to be won and boy was it a childish blast. Truthfully, I ended up really liking all the filler too. I loved the virtual reality storyline and I really, really enjoyed the DOMA arc with the Seal of Orichalcos. Oh man. The Seal of Orichalcos has got to be my favorite musical piece from the show. Goddamn. Anyway, they play with cards and they're monsters from a dangerous game the Ancient Egyptians used to play when it came to beasts and the like. It was an interesting way to have the cards be something to be taken seriously without just giving up and saying "We use cards to fight just cause." Wonderful series.

Fairy Tail

Ah yes. Fairy Tail. It's a pretty standard action and adventure anime. It's got some merit to it and I do collect the books so that's saying something. It's a story of "wizards" and mages who stay together with one another in groups called guilds and go out to work for money and stuff. Except not really because that concept is barely ever what drives the story arcs presented in the anime and manga. Natsu is a dragon slayer whose father is a dragon that disappeared long ago. There's a big mystery surrounding that too. The story does tend to suffer from a bit of meandering and the conflicts often don't feel like they were given the proper attention to warrant the amount of emotion they're trying to elicit from you. Plus, there does tend to be a few cop-out moments here and there with one particularly bad one that got loads of people to drop the series in the Grand Magic Games arc. Still, I feel it's cool and funny enough to at least be given a shot.


WHOA-WHOA! TORI-TORI-TORI-TORIKO! Toriko is awesome. They live in a world where food is the biggest deal imaginable. The only way to get your hands on it though is by hunting the animals down and delivering some sweat and swift justice on them in the manliest way imaginable. Big muscles and harsh battles are ahead for you here. Please dive in and enjoy your food. The fights in the series are always fantastic and often lead to characters having to beat down their enemies with the stumps of their ripped off arms if it means making it through okay. I'd honestly say you're better off reading the manga for this one though. The anime is heavily censored for the the Saturday morning crowd and it's ended now despite the manga still going on. That might make enjoyment a bit tough. Still, I'm enjoying it so far. And I appreciated the Toriko and One Piece crossovers. I liked the Toriko, One Piece, and Dragonball crossover even more!

Dragonball Z and Dragonball Kai

Yeah, I put Dragonball on the list as number 3 but that was me separating Dragonball and Dragonball Z to emphasis just how much more I appreciated the show in it's more earlier form. That said, Dragonball Z is still awesome. I know I complained about it a lot back there but that really doesn't change the fact that I really do enjoy it. Nothing about it can be said here that you probably already don't know yourself. If you wish to dabble into the series, it might be beneficial to go with Dragonball Kai. It cuts all the filler and has much better voice acting. That said, there is benefit to watching the original form as it does go in-depth on things that could use more depth sometimes. The decision is yours.

Hunter X Hunter

It should be called Hiatus X Hiatus. Whatever though. The manga has been having some trouble staying in Jump due to the work ethic (Or otherwise something else. I'm not too sure what the author's deal is) of the author. It's currently running now but it tends to be gone and stay gone for far too long for anyone's liking. Still, it's probably worth checking out as there is a lot of interesting things in it. The fights and characters are pretty cool and the artwork does a great service to the grittiness of the world of the hunters. I tend to not be as fond of it as everyone else though since I do have a problem when it comes to it's pacing and it's weird tendency to jump around when it comes to what the main objective of an arc is supposed to be. Plus, it doesn't really feel like there's a particular end-game this story wishes to hit at the moment, which is extra troubling when you realize how much unnecessary talking they tend to do. I'll warn anyone looking to get into this right now; if you're not paying attention to every line of dialogue and wall of text the series throws at you, you will be lost. Proceed with caution when it comes to that and enjoy.


Just the first series. Not Shippuden. And even then I kind of debated even putting this first series on here but that wouldn't be entirely truthful. Let's just get this out of the way. When I first watched the series, I thought all three of the main characters were incredibly annoying. Nowadays... I still think that. Naruto himself no longer annoys me in Shippuden but Shippuden itself isn't very good so I can't say it's much of a reason to stop on by to see it. That said, the other two characters actually got a lot worse as time went on to the point where I feel annoyed and insulted by their very presence almost. So what's so good about this anime? The reason it's on here is because I actually do have some really genuine, fond memories of the first few story arcs. Zabuza, the Chunin Exams especially, a few things about the Search for Tsunade, and the Sasuke Retrival arc. Those were all very good. Getting past how annoying the main characters tended to be was rather easy when the story took hold. Plus, the Chunin Exams actually helped iron things out for me as one of the most fun, action packed, and really intriguing parts of the show where we get to go into the depth of field the side-characters all have as well as all the things that helped make the ninja world feel alive and unique. Those side characters on the other teams are really great (except TenTen). Orochimaru is a great villain. Kakashi is a great teacher. The only real problem I had was with the main characters shown at the top. The problems I had with Naruto and Sasuke did lesson a bit as time went on of course. It would have had to for me to enjoy the show. I eventually did though and appreciated it a lot more for what it was. I can't say it got better after the Sasuke Retrival arc though. Sadly, I can't say that at all. Especially now, as it feels like the manga literally just gave up...

Soul Eater

Spoilers: The ending to the anime version is really bad and insulting. That said, everything else about it is awesome. It fell into that trap where, since it was a monthly series, it had it's anime created too soon and ended up needing a rushed ending when it came to what Bones could pull out of their ass. However, the series still deserves to be watched regardless as the animation, music, and style work really well in it's favor. Nothing about it feels cheap and the goings on within it are all very interesting. The bond between master and weapon is strong with this one and the name of the game is basically what amounts to soul reaping. It's a school setting but it doesn't really feel like it. The focus is definitely more on the action prospect and it shows. Worth a good look see for sure.

That's about it. I can't think of much else to mention so I'll see you all later. Peace.


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