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Natsu vs. Romeo: Birth of the Baby Class! by SDCharm
Natsu vs. Romeo: Birth of the Baby Class!
Now this is a story all about how Natsu's life got flipped-turned upside down~! So, Romeo challenged his hero to a fight. Pretty simple. Natsu took him up on his offer and didn't think much of it. He should have though. It really didn't take long for Romeo to beat him down to nothing but his underwear, putting him into a wrestling clutch and then punching him to high heaven. Afterward he dropped Natsu in front of the guild after putting him into a diaper for emphasis of his dominance. The guild acknowledged Romeo's accomplishment by letting him go on more missions as a higher class while a new proposed "Baby Class" for diaper baby mages was made. It's the lowest of the low and he's the only one in it. 

How did Romeo get enough power to overcome him? He did 100 squats. 100 sit-ups. Ate his breakfast every morning and jogged lightly for a good long while. The Saitama "One Punch Man" training regime works! Try it out for yourselves.
Charmy the Prankster! - Page 6 of 8 by SDCharm
Charmy the Prankster! - Page 6 of 8

The "Instant" in the "Instant Explosive Laxative" (Trademark ACME corporation) did it's job as advertised but not to the user's benefit. Jackson helpfully directs him to the left over package of diapers borrowed from Baby Miles Prower's supply that they keep with them at their house (sometimes they probably help provide him with some even) so that Charmy can go comfortably while Londa is in the bathroom. He doesn't care and puts one on as soon as Londa comes out. It's too late to go in now as when the diaper hits his bum, his bowels relax and he lets loose. It isn't until then when the kids remember that there's another bathroom upstairs. Whoosy Daisy. Guess he humiliated himself like that for nothing. Haha! Looks like Charmy just snapped too...

So I just went and saw Zootopia with my little sister and holy shit was it really, really fucking good! 

    I saw the teaser trailer for this movie and I was actually almost dreading it. I saw all those animals walking around while the fox explained that they lived in an anthropomorphic world and I thought to myself, this narration is very bland and uninteresting. I dunno about this. Then I saw the Sloth trailer and good God was it funny. I saw it a few times actually and every time it left me breathless with laughter. So from that point on I figured that the movie might be okay. I went in expecting it to be at least decent but I didn't expect it to be any of what it actually was. I should have figured, in hindsight, that the recent stream of movies Disney has been putting out wouldn't be thrown on the screen so recklessly as to make a quick buck but even considering that I'm still astonished.

    God damn Disney. I'm shocked by how good this movie was.

    No spoilers as usual but I will mention for those who want to know that the social commentary behind this film deals with prejudice and racism as one of it's key defining story elements. It comes in rather early and while it is a little obvious for someone older going in they manage to talk about the issue in a really clever way. No species is a direct parallel to any existing race in the real world. Instead, the animals work off the prejudices and stereotypes of their own species due to the fact that they all live in harmony within a civilized society. Predators and Prey live together in harmony in Zootopia.

    Well, I say harmony, but of course no nation anywhere in the world is perfect, and that's still true here. The commentary ushered in through the characters stands out as particularly impressive because not only do they work off of each other really well, but their individual dialogue and voice acting really sold them a lot harder as people with genuine points of interest and development to them. There's even a point in the movie where I swear to god I wanted so badly to know if it was possible to award an oscar winning performance to a CG animated bunny rabbit. I'm not kidding.

    The world of this place is rich and vibrant. It's extremely colorful without being too overbearing and the set up for the way city works is actually one of the more creative cities I've ever seen. What's more is that it takes aims to accommodate certain animals for their size differences in a manner that makes sense. For example, the small rodent creatures have their own highway system the size of a bike trail that keeps them separated from regular traffic so that they naturally don't get run over. Stuff like that really helps to usher in an understanding about just how much thought they put into it.

    The main thing behind the story that I thought was astonishingly impressive the most was the mystery. It works as a buddy cop movie all on it's own but what's actually happening within it is incredibly unpredictable for a kids movie. The way the mystery unveils itself throughout the movie makes it so that you increasingly don't have a clue what could actually be happening and what it leads you to believe is happening is some of the scariest and most devastating shit I've ever fathomed could have been the possible outcome. Rarely have I ever been so genuinely scared about the consequences of what was going to happen in a kids movie. Sure, there are times where I'm in suspense in a lot of kids movies but ultimately I know everything's going to turn out fine in the end. The balance this movie managed to walk with the twist it took left me seriously wondering how the fuck this was all going to resolve itself. The implications behind what was going on seriously worried the hell out of me and I couldn't get over how such an exciting, wonderful feeling that was.

I'm going to use the rating system from a movie site called "DoubleToasted.Com." if you want a more indepth review I highly suggest you check them out. The ratings work like this from good to bad: Full Price, Matinee, Rental, and Some Ol' Bull Shit. If the movie is an exceptionally perfect movie then it'll get a rating of Better Than Sex. If the movie is exceptionally terrible or offensively bad then it'll get a rating of FUCK YOU! 

This movie is a HIGH Full Price! On the cusp of just being Better Than Sex. Go see it. PLEASE, go see it. I hope this movie is a hit. It deserves it, so, so much.

Rating: High Full Price!


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I like Sonic the Hedgehog and all the stuff he comes with. I'm an anime fan. More so of One Piece and Rave Master than any other.

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I googled "Tails" into google images and your comic is already in third row. I though it's because of my browse history, but then I did the same thing on my University's computer.

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SDCharm Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
On mine, the first page of Tails the Babysitter II is on the fourth row down. That's kind of cool (and a bit scary admittedly). That's what happens when you put yourself out there I guess.
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Well, I'm torn.
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I've thought about it but I don't have much of a desire to at the moment.
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Happy Easter!
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Happy Easter.
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SD? are you alive havent see you do or say anything in like a month
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I'm fine. How are you?
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